The Latest and Greatest in At-home Anti Ageing Treatments

Published: 21st February 2012
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The market for at-home anti-ageing products has come a long way! Owing to a number of improvements in the technologies, delivery methods, transition from professional clinic based technology into home use devices and the research in stem cells and other compounds, a plethora of options are available to those that donít want to outlay thousands of dollars each year in finding the most expensive and best anti-aging products and in-clinic treatments.

Pollogen, TriPollar Stop & TriPollar Pose, Beurer, Skin Physics, Acetino, Omnilux and other new entrants have cashed into the demand for home based products that can save people thousands of dollars every year and a lot of inconvenience, in bringing various technologies from clinics and salons to the homes.

The advancement in stem cell research and the inclusion of various plant cell extracts in the latest anti-ageing creams and serums has seen the rejuvenation effects and healing properties advanced to a new scale through the use of topical creams.

Photon or light therapy, previously only used in professional skin and beauty clinics or high-end day spas and salons is now widely available as hand-held devices and marketed by a number of companies globally. Omnilux, Skin Physics, Acetino and others have brought these technologies in hand-held power or battery operated devices that claim to cure from acne to ageing and with continuous use can assist in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and assist in the drive for a youthful looking skin.

Laser based devices, traditionally the domain of professionals and doctors using large devices in imparting the heat through the laser beams has also witnessed phenomenal growth whereas Radio Frequency (RF) technology has progressed leaps and bounds from the monopolar (first generation RF) to Bipolar and TriPollar, which is the latest third generation RF technology. RF technology has been in use in thousands of professional beauty clinics around the world as a safe and painless heat based treatment that can provide immediate results in anti-ageing with minimal downtime. Those looking for the fast acting and best anti-ageing products should check RF technology and its home based devices as a true alternative to professional treatments.

The heat from RF devices like TriPollar Stop and TriPollar Pose disrupt fat cells in the skin causing them to melt away and in the process the skin builds new cells and collagen, thus enhancing the natural and youthful looking skin, all without any down time. TriPollar Pose is the body version that assists in reducing the cellulite and targets loose skin and fat and provides immediate and lasting effects.

Omnilux and Wellbox, both light based treatments provide similar results however they are not recommended to be used on the body and recommended only for the face.

Combining a laser, light or RF based device together with creams and serums containing plant stem cell extracts, vitamin peptides and hyaluranic acid can bring about significant changes in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite. Choosing the holy grail of anti-ageing in the form of best anti-ageing product might not come from a single jar of cream or a hand held device but trialing various product combinations together with lots of research will make it a manageable feat.

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